Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Round Our Way

Bank Holiday weekend in England and in typical style it rained. On Sunday we spent most of the day gazing out of the window at the pouring rain wondering if it would ever stop. Amazingly we didn't have to wait too long as by about 4pm the grey clouds had parted to reveal a brilliant blue sky and Mr Sunshine had his hat on. Like little children who had been trapped inside for HOURS we quickly got our coats on and ran out to play. 

We're really lucky round our way to be about 20 minutes either way from beaches and coastlines to glorious countryside. This instance we opted for the country and headed to Hardwick Park. This is truly a fabulous spot for everyone, of all ages. It costs £2 to park for 2 hours (£3 for the whole day) and there are miles and miles of walking, lakes, birds, play areas, sculptures, hills to run down, cycle track to follow, and so much more, and when you're ready for a break you can call into the caff and enjoy a good cuppa and a cracking cheese scone (when it's open that is, the hours are not the same as the park opening times so worth checking if you do want refreshments). Here's the website with more info if you are planning a visit: Hardwick Park 

We had a lazy stroll around the circular walk this time and saw two swans sitting on their nests, a crazy family of geese including babies whose dad almost took a dive at us until we stood really still like statues, a bonkers dog chasing geese, teeny tiny birds, a curious squirrel, and all sorts of lovely delights of nature in Spring. One of the best things about the park is that even when it's busy, it's so huge you can change direction and end up strolling around almost alone. It's one of our favourite places to go. 

And because I never can resist taking a photo of Dave when he isn't looking...

Almost bordering on a catalogue pose *chuckles*

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