Monday, 22 February 2016

Helloooo tasty food!

A couple of Fridays ago, a couple of cutie boys knocked on the door to talk to me about Hello Fresh. I must have been living under a rock or something as hadn't really heard much about it. Since then I've talked to a few people about it and everyone has been like oh yep, heard of that, what's it like? 

Well, it's like really good! Basically it's a food delivery service that you sign up for, you select what type of box you would like - we went for the Classic Box that is designed to feed two people for three meals a week - and you can select which meals you would like to eat too. I think there were 5 options for the week. In the box you will get all the ingredients you need, a full set of recipe cards, and all sorts of other good stuff too, like free samples of tasty popcorn that is peanut and almond flavoured, but that's probably a whole other post for peanut-drooling flavoured food. Back to the box. 

The sign up process was easy peasy. The boys were very friendly and told me everything I needed to know. You can select your meals and make any changes either via the website I've linked above or via the app which you can download for free. And then you wait for the box! The arrival of the box is very definitely exciting. It's huge for one! And there's loads of things inside to open! And some very funky packaging/insulation/cooling down thingies that are all kinds of clever (and which can be recycled both at home or via the company themselves - they are all about reducing their carbon footprint which makes me all kinds of happy). When I say all the ingredients, I mean right down to the teaspoon of cinnamon in a teeny tiny container and a single bay leaf! You really don't need to have anything special in your stock cupboard to be able to make all the recipes. 

Our first recipe was crusted chorizo chicken with new potatoes and green beans. Dave has decided he needs to be more involved in the kitchen process so opted to be chief cook. Carefully following the recipe (tongue out and everything with the concentration) he made the tea! And very yummy it was too. 

Next up was the steamed salmon with jewelled couscous which was a joint cooking adventure. It's not the greatest photo (hello Snapchat) but once again it was super tasty and not at all hard to make.

For the final meal we had moussaka served with rocket and ciabatta bread. I don't want to be boring but again it was tasty and the recipe was easy to follow. The whole box provided variety, tasty dinners, easy recipes, and everything that was needed to do all of that.

A couple of things I think need to be taken into consideration though. I don't think I'm mean with my quantities but some of the portion sizes were much bigger than what we normally eat, especially the couscous - way too much for 2 people - that stuff grows as it fluffs! Also, we ended up pan frying the salmon as the cooking time that was suggested for steaming was not how we like it, but each to their own there I think. At the end of all of the meals we had extra stuff left over that could be carried over into other meals which made it even better value for money! 

The initial box was on offer with 30% off, at £27 that was a good price for 3 meals for 2 people with all fresh ingredients. We've decided to keep it on but to only get a box once a month - this is mainly because I make all our meals from scratch anyway, and we both love to try new things so I am always scouring the internet and recipe books for meals to make. Adding the Hello Fresh box into the mix is an added extra to all the tasty dinners! 

If you fancy giving it a try let me know in the comments as I can give you a code to get it at a discounted price. Winner, winner, Hello Fresh dinner! 

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