Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Weekly favourites

This week's favourites include not one but two transport things. The first one could also be classed as a day out/adventure as it was our annual trip to the Nostalgia Festival at Croft Racing Circuit. As is often the case with tradition, it was the usual story of lots of interesting cars, a couple of planes flying over making some pretty shapes in the sky, lots of car racing, donuts smothered in butterscotch sauce, a whole heap of fun, and a tonne of walking! So much with the walking that I earned two merit badges from my Fitbit - must have been all those steep banks to get the best view of the track! 

I'll have this one please! 
Next up is my car. My new car! Yep, sad as it was to say farewell to the old Zip, it is beyond nice to have a new car that doesn't have warning lights on when you start the engine - the luxury! The new car is basically a more up to date version of the old car, it's still a Skoda Fabia but as my Pops said, it's just so much more streamlined. It's higher up, the wheels have beautiful alloys, IT HAS A CD PLAYER, it has a funky thing in the roof that you click and a little case comes down where you can keep your sunglasses (genuine excitement every time I show that to someone), there's no gaffa tape holding anything together, and did I say IT HAS A CD PLAYER? I know this sounds so old school but my other car had a cassette player for goodness sake, can you now understand my excitement?! The CDs are back baby! 

I realised as I was bevvying along in Zippy mark 2 that for the past few months I had mainly spent much of my time driving along glancing down at my dashboard just in case more warning lights came on, or the worst of the worst, the car just came to a standstill. Seriously, that did happen. So yeah, not the best method of driving! But now, in Zip mark 2 I am looking in my mirrors all the time. Oh and the mirrors? Wow, you can see so much out of them! My old ones were all scratched and marked and probably didn't have the best view out into other lanes, so it's super amazing to be able to see so much. You new car drivers take so much for granted! Driving to work these days is now a joy, rather than a minor terror. I am the happiest car driver in the world! And just think in 5 years time when I've paid the loan off I can come at you with another new car update! 

Just kidding, let's hope I can drive this one for ten years too - happy motoring! 

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