Sunday, 21 October 2018

Norfolk? Nahhhhhh...

We've spent the last week on holiday which is always a joyous occasion! No thoughts of work, far away from theatre life, the post-kitchen mess and the five million jobs we have stacked up on our to do list. B L I S S

As we often do, we decided that it was the perfect time to try out somewhere new. I've never been to Norfolk before I said one evening, let's try there. So try we did. We booked us up a former fisherman's hut that had been converted into a teeny tiny house - perfect for two weary humans and their big yellow dog. 

It was quite literally in the sand dunes. See that gap between the bigger hut and the small shed with the red door? All you had to do was pop through there, climb up a vertical set of steps, run down the sand dune and the golden, sandy beach was right there. Absolutely flipping brilliant! Perfect for big yellow dogs who love to roll around in the sand, swim in the sea and generally lollop about in a big lollopy kind of way! 

What was not so perfect was Norfolk itself. I mean, how does one say what I'm about to say without sounding insulting? I don't mean to be offensive...but to be honest, it's just a bit behind the times. And when I say a bit, I mean like somewhere around 1984 behind the times. Retro if you will, but without that cool vibe that tends to accompany the retro-vintage thing. 

Our biggest problem was how long it took to get there. Approximate journey time going down there: 6 hours. The return home journey? Clocked in at almost 8 hours. Whaaaat? Yep, we're talking long. Funnily enough, so many people messaged us while we were there saying, why did you go to Norfolk? Takes forever to get there! Wish someone would have told us that sooner...

But! Enough of the endless journey and 1984-vibe. We did have a fun time which is all that counts (even if there is nowhere to get a decent cup of coffee - first world problems or what?!) We went on heaps of walks, from coast to countryside. We stood within almost touching distance of a giant pile of seals (is there a technical term for this I wonder?) It was so warm we sat outside and read our books! In t-shirts! In October! We found Autumn gold and toasted sandwiches the size of our big yellow dog. And we did eventually find that much coveted cup of coffee, and as if that wasn't enough we also found donuts that were made in heaven! Should you ever find yourself in Stalham, head to the High Street and go straight to Daddy Donuts - I can promise you, that you won't regret it!

Blue skies! A whole week away from the normal daily grind! It might have taken forever to get there (and back!) but it was exactly what a couple of weary souls needed. We're restored, refreshed and kind of ready to head back to work tomorrow. And we're starting to plan 2019 holidays - where should we go? Do we do 2 weeks together? Do we do three separate weeks in like June, July and September? Decisions, decisions... 

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