Friday, 28 August 2015

August Favourites

One of my favourite types of blog posts or videos to watch is monthly favourites. I quite often find stuff there that I end up enjoying as well (often becoming a favourite of mine too), and so I've decided to use this idea for a regular blog post feature. Each month will be entirely different as I can be a fickle old thing and switch up my favourites all the time. Let's jump right in to the first one then.

Ooh August you were a good'un! Lots of fun things happened this month, with two particular highlights - Tee came home for a visit and we got ourselves a dog! Which of course leads me to my first favourite. How could this face not be? Meet Bob. He's nearly 3 months old, and I'm not going to lie, having a puppy is hard work (understatement), but how can you feel anything but all the happy joyful feels when he's this cute?! Squeeeee!

I know, I know, it's hard to distract yourself from cuteness overload but there were other favourites too. Next up is days out. So many fun days out this month, from car racing to designer clothes - many happy hours with family and friends, which in all honesty will probably be a firm favourite every month!

After it took me a month to finally finish reading Wilkie Collins' Woman in White, it was so nice to read something that was easy reading, light hearted, and didn't take all your brain to concentrate on the big words. How to Be Bad just hit the spot nicely.

I couldn't go this month without mentioning my favourite TV programmes. Not only did the Great British Bake Off return to our screens (beware of soggy bottoms), but Buffy the Vampire Slayer came to Netflix. Praise the 90s! I know I'll never watch the whole thing before it disappears but I'm loving dipping in and out on my lunch breaks.

As per usual tradition, the Great British Summer never really did happen, so whenever the sun came out I too went out immediately to bask in all its glory. It's far too fleeting for my liking, but I'm hopeful for a warm September (ever hopeful)!

And last but not least, our wildflower garden. We have tried so many times to grow one of these and each one has been an epic fail, until this year. Every day something else pops up and opens up and it's brilliant - who needs TV?! I think the yellow daisies are my favourite, but then a red poppy appears and that takes over, so hard to choose!

Let me know your favourite from August. Spread the love wide!

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