Monday, 10 August 2015

How does your garden grow?

Over the years of our many gardening adventures we have tried so many times to grow a wildflower garden. We've tried scattering the seeds in tubs, in troughs, in small patches of garden, and huge swathes of ground, and every single time it's been an epic fail. Until now. 

3 packets of seeds and some random sunflower seeds from last year were carefully scattered as per the instructions (the reality was more like just chucking them around and see what happens) into our freshly prepared patch of ground that we had lovingly dug over and raked. We watered it up well and crossed our fingers. 

Oh! We have a wildflower garden. It's crazy! Every single day flowers are popping up all over it, from the prettiest blue cornflowers to bright yellow daisies, there's poppies and sunflowers waiting to come out to play, it's absolutely brilliant! And what's even more brilliant is that every time I go out and look at it (which is pretty often, I have to admit) there are bees buzzing and butterflies flying all around it. Yay, happy bees, happy gardeners. 

I can't wait until it's all in flower. It's going to be stunning! 

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