Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Style talk: strutty pants

For a while back there when I was working at the college that shall not be named, I lost my style way completely and utterly. The notion of biz-ness dress was one that I had never had to consider, and I had absolutely no clue. For the first time in a long time I looked at what my work colleagues were wearing and tried on their style for a while. It wasn't too surprising that I never felt quite like me and much of what I bought ended up going to the charity shop, along with the significant pennies spent to buy it all in the first place. By the end of it, I think I was getting there and was slowly moving it away from the idea of biz-ness and more towards Claire-ness, then I got a job where I worked from home every day and basically wore shorts if it was hot and jeans if it wasn't - result! Weekly meetings were my chance to bring back the Claire of old and I really enjoyed mixing it all up again. 

Which brings us to now: the return to libraryland and 100% the return to full on Claire-ness - woop woop! Step, or should I say strut, forward: the strutty pants!

The strutty pants are magical! They are floral on a black background, they cling in all the right places, are super stretchy for all that shelving malarkey, and I absolutely love 'em! Each time I have worn them for work they have received many an admiring glance and I am happy to say that a couple of my co-workers love them so much they have bought some for themselves - strutty pants for the win!

As the photo above demonstrates, I like to mix them up with some stripes and my 'fugly' shoes. I might wear a plain top sometimes, but most of the time, there's pattern clashing going on. Add in some jewellery choices, and a funky 'do in my slightly shorter hair and I am libraryland ready with a huge smile on my face. Claire-ness is back! 

It doesn't look as if they have my pair in stock now, but if you fancy your own strutty pants you can find all the options from New Look here. Happy shopping! 

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