Monday, 21 November 2016

Bad Blogger, No Biscuits

So it turns out that this full time work, PA at theatre, keeping up with all the housework, and having to work on weekends turns you into a bad blogger. However I have decided that is okay, as I am pretty certain (hopeful!) that the people who follow along will patiently await my return...especially when I come back with two posts this week! 

So how have you been? You already know my story/busy - what have you been up to? Anything exciting? I baked my Christmas cake today! I know! How can it be that Christmas is only a few weeks away now? Scary. I also tackled the giant, mountainous ironing pile, first of all by watching Nashville...I love it, don't judge me. Closely followed by watching Wreck It Ralph, again I say, no judgement. However, have you seen that film? It was kind of like an hour and a half of Candy Crush, on speed. A little bit too much if I'm honest. 

On a side note, I recently decided that reinstalling Candy Crush was what I needed in my life. It took about a week to decide all over again that it was soul destroying and needed to be gone. Especially when I started seeing the orange candy thing floating in front of my eyes. Not good. That was a week I'll never get back again. 

We also took a stroll down the beach with the Bobbo this weekend which was frankly totally effin freezing, but I did wear my new 'Team Internet' sweatshirt which is possibly my most favourite purchase recently, as I am, well and truly, part of the team that loves the internet. Even when it's weird and odd and yep, even a little bit scary mary. It's best not to think about the scary side too much or you might lock yourself away in a room protected by a giant bubble and not come back out until it's all just gone away. You want to talk scary? My niece recently posted a selfie to her Instagram and 26 people commented to tell her she looked 'sexy' and 'hot' ... she is 12 ... I am terrified. And I have to admit, sorely tempted to bring her to the room bubble thing because hello, seriously, what the blinkin' eff?!?! For this I very much blame YouTube, but that is a post for a whole other day/life and maybe not one to focus on just yet or the fear will properly take over. 

To counteract this, here is me wearing my cool sweatshirt, wet hair fresh from the shower and a bobble hat. I know, I know, hot, sexy, oh yeah baby...HA! I cannot tell you how glad I am that I'm not 12! Interestingly though, a friend of mine recently commented about how cool it would be to be 18 but with the knowledge and experience that we have now...I think in some ways yes and in other ways, no thank you! Most of the fun was in making all of the mistakes! 

So there you have it. Random ramblings indeedy. I go away for a few days and all that profesh thing that I try to have on the blog goes right out of the window! 

I am still contemplating doing the whole December, post a day advent thingy. If I say I will and then miss a few days will you still come along for the ride? What say you? Reply in the comments with a Yassssss or a Nooooo you fool

Over and out. 

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