Monday, 7 November 2016

Le Week-End

Look at that, another weekend vanished, poof! Why so fast weekend? This is the trouble with being in a theatre group that needs a giant set building - your Saturday, that first heady day of the weekend that you look forward to so much, becomes yet another working day that involves physical and manual labour! Sheesh, it's like having two full time jobs!! 

So Saturday. Building, painting, inappropriate sawing stations - just a usual working Saturday really...if you are in any way health and safety inclined, do not look at the photo below of Dave busily sawing away. No that is not a cigarette in his mouth but a pencil, a true Chippy! 

Sidenote: it was the ability to make things and be super handy that was a big part of me falling for Dave. Hope that didn't make anyone barf too much...

The rest of the weekend was also pretty busy but kinda cool. After a full day at the theatre job, we settled in for the evening with a cracking dinner, some pink fizz and proceeded to get really rather tipsy for no reason at all. We followed up the tasty tea by watching 'Le Week-End', a rather delightful film starring Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan that was all kinds of good and made me immediately want to go back to Paris. Immediately. We're already thinking Spring. CAN'T WAIT! 

On Sunday morning we cleaned the house from top to bottom. And did laundry. There is no way to make this sound exciting. 

I went shopping and bought a stupid amount of clothes for both work and play, including a fake leather skirt that I wasn't at all sure about, but a shout out to my gal pals on Facebook (and a text to my 12 year old niece who is equally as cool as her Aunty Claire) reassured me that it did look cool, I did not look like mutton, and now I need a night out when I can wear it. Yasssssss! 

My mam came round, which was lovely, as I hardly see her these days due all of the working. And secretly she misses the Bobster so likes to pop round every now and then to give his ears a good scratch. 

The evening ended with more tasty dinner treats and some TV watching before rolling into bed ready to start it all over again. 

Why is this month always so busy? I do not get it. If only we had 8 days in a week...

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