Sunday, 4 February 2018

And she's back!

Oh hey! Fancy seeing you here...

So yep, I decided to come back. Tell you the truth - I kind of missed it. I've learned all my lessons while I've been away - no more saying I'll do this many posts per week and busting my gut to schedule things in to make sure I'm living up to my own ridiculous ambitions. This time I'm calling it like it is. I'll post when I can, who only knows what it will be about, but I hope very much that you'll enjoy reading.

I guess if we're starting this properly I should let you know what's been happening. A little life update if you will. 2017 eh? What a funny year. And by funny we all know that I don't mean split your sides laughing at how hi-larious life is. Funny as in freaky-deaky shiz that has basically terrified most people into some kind of wide eyed emoji face that it can actually be possible. I don't consider myself any kind of expert in some of the crazy I've heard/seen/read and therefore am not able, or indeed willing, to provide any deep and meaningful comments. Suffice to say that on the daily I am generally expressing shock/amazement/disgust and often outright horror. This is mainly because I work in social media where there is seemingly no filter on what can be said. But that is probably a topic for a whole other day.

Told you. Who only knows what it will be about *chuckles*

You want some good news? Go on then. I got married. Yep, you did indeed read that right. MARRIED! Me who had always said many things against getting married went and did it. It was bloody brilliant and if I had the money I would do it every single weekend of my life. I'm definitely wanting to write some words on the whole wedding thing because it was a journey, and as with all travel there was lots to be learned along the way. One for another time though. Until then here's a lovely picture of us looking all fancy-like.

Yes we had photos taken in our garden. Before the ceremony. Yes I wore pink glittery shoes. And yes, carrying a bouquet is massively awkward. More on that soon for sure.

Work remains work. It has ups, downs and fair to middling days. It is all kinds of everything and some days I don't know if I want to stay there forever or never go back again. The past year has been a roller coaster of opening my eyes as wide as they can go to the world of how people behave on social media. Hint: rude would be an understatement. There have been times when my faith in humanity and hope for future generations has been utterly destroyed - if that sounds dramatic, it is suitably so. To truly believe it you would have to spend a day in my shoes, and that would need to be a day when an event gets cancelled or your bin does not get collected because of the snow. I've been tested more than I ever imagined and it has not made me a better person. Irritation and short-tempered are two new elements of my personality that I do not like. I'm working on it. Daily. But I fear that to return to my usual even-tempered, sunny-side up soul, the only way is out of social media. This one I'll keep you posted on.

So what's stayed the same? Still reading up a storm, forever passionate about libraries and love it the most when I get the chance to work with them on projects - my heart!

Theatre remains a big part of our lives. We practically moved in when we were getting married as we had our party there! This will definitely be a topic for discussion on the wedding thoughts...

Bob the dog gets bigger, dafter and more affectionate by the day. He currently weighs in at 7 stone yet is still convinced he's the perfect size and weight to sit on your lap...

After a long five years away, we've declared that 2018 is the year we will return to France - yay! We're taking the dopey hound with us. He needs a passport. I'm still wondering if he needs a photo for it...

I love my friends harder as we're all so busy and not great at organising time together so every minute is precious. I miss the ones who live far away the most - please come back soon! I made a promise to myself that I would be better at making time for friends this year and so far so good. It's only February...there's still time to fall...but I'm determined not to!

And last but not least the blog is back. Here we are again friends. No promises. No crazy scheduling. Just you, me and my rambling thoughts. Thanks for being here and see you again soon.

C x