Friday, 1 April 2016

Resolve Version 2 - The Revisit

At the beginning of the month I set about doing some more resolving which you can revisit via this link Being all grown up and everything I decided to revisit it for myself and see how well I got on.

#1: to see more people - I most certainly did do that! I met up with people for walks, for coffee, for general chitchat, and to go to the cinema, which ties in nicely to resolving number 2.

#2: to finally get to the cinema - by fulfilling number 1, I successfully achieved this! I met up with Debs and we saw How to be Single which I absolutely loved. It was funny and light, there was lots of fashion inspiration and fringe (bangs) envy, and New York looked all kinds of cool and dreamy. Yay to cinema. More to come!

#3: to be better at making a decent lunch - Ummm, can I say kind of? I really did do my very best and made a really decent attempt but there were still a couple of days when laziness won out and it was a toast up whatever is in the cupboard even if it's two hot cross buns kind of moment. File this one in the 'ongoing' folder I think.

#4: to apply the same to dinners - This one was better, definitely better. Even when Dave was away for a week I had a really good dinner every night, that usually involved either veggies or salad on the side. Woop! It's somehow easier to be more organised about dinners than lunches, what's that all about I wonder?

#5: to get through series 5 of Buffy - Waaaaaahhhhh why didn't anyone tell me that this was the series where I would basically cry like a big baby at every episode? So. Much. Sadness. Even now just thinking about it gives me a lump in my throat. I'm well on my way into series 6 now which will only leave one more series before the end. I can't imagine how I'll fill my spare moments when it's all over...

#6: to go somewhere I haven't been in my local area - this one is for the did not achieve folder. As per usual, all kinds of life stuff got in the way, such as a massive greenhouse re-building project that took up most of our spare weekends...less said about that the better! Hopefully I will get to do this in April. I have got somewhere in mind, it's just finding the time to actually get there.

5 out of 6 isn't too bad. And to be honest, the above are all resolves that I'll be working on throughout the year/rest of my life - well maybe not watching Buffy as clearly that would just be crazy times...

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