Saturday, 25 July 2015

Roadtrip Part 4 - I forgot about Stonehenge!

From Wiltshire we were only about 20 minutes away from Stonehenge so decided to stop off along the way. We pre-booked our tickets, which I would highly recommend, as it's busy, way busy, which means lots of queues. The whole timed thing is a bit of a nonsense though, so don't feel too tied down to your arrival time. And also don't bother with the bus, instead take a stroll along the road to the rocks, much more preferable than a crowded bus.

Once again Dave had been, but a long long time ago. So long ago that the visitor centre didn't even exist! As I said, we scrapped the bus idea and decided to walk to the stones. The road is available for pedestrians also, or you can head off on one of the guided public footpaths to cross a bit of country at the same time. It doesn't take long to walk and was so much more enjoyable, for us anyway. The buses all seemed crowded and full of hassled looking visitors.

I was really surprised by how interested I was in Stonehenge. I always thought it was just a bunch of rocks but it was fascinating to be so close to something so old and steeped in so much history and myth and legend. I didn't get a spiritual vibe, but the crowds were big and the walkways were busy. There are apparently tours that are available later at night which will allow you into the stone circle and I would think at sunset, that would be something quite spectacular, but the daytime visit was satisfactory, for us anyway.

They're big. Like big ass big! And it's hard to imagine how the people managed to move them and get them there in the first place. Once you get past the first bit of walkway, the crowds disperse slightly and if you walk all the way around you can get much closer to the stones than you initially think. From there you get a real sense of the scale and size of the rocks and they're pretty impressive.

All in all, it was well worth the visit and even though it's expensive, it's an impressive sight. Once you get past all the selfie sticks and crowds!

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