Monday, 5 October 2015


I wonder a lot about how often we see the truth on the internet. I saw this brilliant article the other day that had photos from Instagram that had received thousands of likes, and it showed the wider image rather than the edited down version that had been shown to the world. Surrounding the 'perfect' image was utter chaos - pretty funny when you think about it. What is it about feeling that we have to show this perfect version of ourselves to the big wide web?

Let's see some truth shall we. September was kind of a shitty month. A friend's mam died from a long illness. The very same night my eldest cousin died suddenly. He was only 50 years old. In that very same week one of my much loved friends from theatre had a stroke. And to top that off the tax office started to chase me for income earned when I was a landlady a hundred years ago. There was not a whole lot of smiling going on. 

As the month wore on, it seemed to be that everyone I spoke to had some more awful news. A friend of my parents was diagnosed with cancer, in the same family her brother had found a lump and was going for a scan (turns out that's cancer too)...seriously September, what was up with all that? 

This weekend has felt a little like a reboot. My theatre group bud is making such good progress that he has been released from hospital and is now at home. Our family are coming to terms with our loss and starting the slow process of grieving. My friend, R, is doing amazingly well and I have massive amounts of respect (and love) for the way she is handling everything. Dave and I spent this weekend enjoying a lot of downtime. We even went out for lunch today and banished all talk about the dog (it's truly amazing how much it can take over your life, and conversations!) We put a huge dent in the even more huge-r ironing pile and enjoyed some tasty treats. Hell I've even come to terms with the fact that I have to pay the tax man back (chunter, grumble). 

I don't know what October will bring but I hope it's better. I might not have a job by November so best try to look on the bright side for this month! 

Be honest. How are you?  

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  1. September was kind of a crappy month for me too. It seems the universe is just putting obstacles in the way of everything I do. I wanted a dish washer - I got one that electrocutes me - I tried to get it replaced - they messed up the new delivery order. I tried to change my bank account - no luck. I ordered new glasses - they took over a month to arrive and are the wrong colour. I went to Yarndale - I almost had a car crash (well I suppose I did actually but only wing mirrors were involved so hopefully no real harm done).

    I could continue but just writing about it is making me grind my teeth.

    So I've decided to put any other plans on hold for now, until the universe gives me some sort of sign that it's finished punishing me.