Monday, 11 January 2016

If your toast is green, it's mouldy

Anyone else fed up of seeing Instagram photos of smushed up avocado on toast with a poached egg balanced precariously on the top? Usually accompanied by the hashtag caption #goals and that all important white as white background to highlight the green as green avocado? Seriously? Enough already with the curated idea of perfection. Be a rebel and break free. Have your Instagram feed be full of all sorts of colours, with all sorts of backgrounds, and stuff piled up high that resembles real life rather than flat lays. I'm increasingly unfollowing many of these feeds and choosing alternatives that are very far removed from any idea of 'perfect' or 'goals'.

In light of this I'm starting a campaign for bringing back butter. Butter belongs on toast. Or jam. Or marmalade. Maybe even some peanut butter or Nutella if you're feeling fancy but no more smushy green stuff! Even the poached egg is all good, just NO MORE AVOCADO.

I used to quite like it actually. Avocado that is. But recently it seems to be taking over the world, or certainly the breakfast plates of the Instagram world, and I'm bored with it. Don't these people eat cereal? Or do you think they take the photo of the avocado on toast, click publish, then chuck it in the bin and gobble down the honey nut loops out of shot?

The Avocado growers of the world must be rejoicing at the surge in sales.

Cereal growers on the other hand are probably holding their heads in woe.

Sad times.

Anyone else with me? #squadgoals and all that...? No? The butter stands alone then...


  1. @deliciouslystella is the perfect antidote #cleaneating #goals #gettheglow #newyearnewyou

  2. @deliciouslystella is the perfect antidote #cleaneating #goals #gettheglow #newyearnewyou

  3. Ha! I love it. Anyone who makes a Quality Street sandwich is my new favourite Instagram account! Thanks for the recommendation :)