Friday, 15 January 2016

Halfway Point

Halfway through January already! How did that happen? Looks like 2016 will be another flyer - whoosh!

How's January been treating you so far? Mine has been a very much mixed bag. I started off with an evil sinus infection that made me very dizzy, which as an on/off dizzer is not at all pleasant. But! I battled on through, mainly as I am still a newbie at work so can hardly be taking time off this early on. Not a good impression and all that. Sudafed has been my friend.

Then I officially became old. I'd been having some weird eye stuff going on, and in my usual totally dramatic way, assumed the worst and diagnosed myself with something deathly. To counteract the over-dramatics, I made an appointment at the opticians and it turns out I'm not going to end my days on this soggy land with something horrible; instead I will end them wearing varifocal glasses. Yep. Old. As well as being a blind bat for seeing things far, far away, I now need me something to help me read too! What is this life and this growing old malarkey? Me no likey. Rather than admitting to being old, I am thinking I will explain to people that my eyes need assistance with reading as I have read soooooo many books over the years that my educated eyes just need a rest. In the form of some new glasses. With varifocal lenses. Shush, don't tell anyone.

We're heading into the weekend by celebrating Dave's birthday today. He will also be old *chuckles* but he already has varifocal glasses... At his request I am making enchiladas and a birthday cake which will be washed down with beer and perhaps a cheeky Amaretto or two.

I can't talk about early January without mentioning the death of David Bowie. I was, and still am, beyond gutted. I was supposed to be working at home that day but I spent much of it in a daze, gazing at the wall, remembering moments with his music over and over again, and welling up frequently. I know his classic stuff is usually what people remember but I absolutely loved his newer music too. Little Wonder came out in 1997 when we were at uni and I remember we were all massively excited for new David Bowie music! There are so many words, and yet none of them feel right. So just sit back, press play, and enjoy the brilliant madness...

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