Friday, 29 January 2016

January Favourites

Monthly favourites - welcome back my old friend! Considering that January is generally rather gloomy, there's been a whole lot of loving/adoring/drooling going on in this first month of 2016. Settle down with a cuppa, it's a bit of a long one!

As in teeny, tiny versions of beauty products that came with my beauty advent calendar, plus a few others I found knocking about in the drawers. It's been all kinds of fun getting to try out loads of different shower gels, body lotions, lipsticks, lip crayons, perfumes - the list could go on. I've been smelling good with skin all silky smooth. And there's still so many to go. Love.

Both Dave and I celebrate our birthdays in January. This is why we can never do Dry January. Well, that and the fact that we are quite partial to a glass or two of vino of a weekend/week night (delete as appropriate, depending on how work was that day). It's also why we don't do Healthy January, as everyone knows that you are legally obliged to eat cake on your birthday. The cake below was super yummy and super sickly. I found this out the hard way by eating two pieces one after the other and almost barfed. It's just class all the way round these parts...

New Job!
Yes, it's true, I am loving my new libraryland job. It is a massively different libraryland compared to my previous venture which could explain why this one is featuring in a monthly favourites. Public library work is many moons away from academic library work and all the better for it. I am very much enjoying the community element and feel that with this, and my other job, I have finally found my place in the world of work - who knew?!

January has been a bit of a weird one. Some days have been a get in from work, eat some dinner, walk the dog, and snuggle down for the evening, and others have been out and about and not turning the TV on kind of weeks. The former means lots of teevee time. We've been enjoying all kinds of good stuff including Luther: Idris Elba, be-still my heart. The man is phenomenal - in height, in acting, in all things genius. We also started watching Humans, which is frankly bordering on creepy and intense but extremely enjoyable. And yes, I am still in Buffy heaven. I've watched my way through series 3 and I am pretty sure I never saw any of it before - Faith and Xander - say what?!

Sue Perkins
Her book 'Spectacles' is honestly the funniest/best thing I have read in ages. I have variously chuckled, welled up, snorted, almost died from laughing/started hyperventilating, my way through it. She is a total dude and I'd really like to be her new best friend. Do you think someone can make that happen for me? BAAAAAAKE!

Going Out!
Yep, despite it being January and therefore officially the poorest month ever I have been a complete gad-about town. I've been here there and everywhere! Out for birthday dinners, out for post-Christmas meals with my new work buddies, out to visit friends, general out-ness really. It's been brilliant and even better as each evening has been very enjoyable indeed - just what you need to survive a chilly and wet January!

I think that might be it. Quite a list for the first month of 2016. See you for the next one in February!

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