Monday, 18 January 2016

Sale haulin'

I haven't really bothered much with the sales the last few years, mainly because I can't stand the madness of people queuing up at dawn on Boxing Day - so not fair to the poor staff who have to work those rubbish hours. Been there, done that, had an awful coloured t-shirt to prove it. But this year I thought I'd give it a go again and ventured into town with Tee, not at dawn I hasten to add, fully sociable working hours only. And we killed it! I think her haul was definitely the most bargainous - each item was £3, including an awesome Harry Potter sweatshirt. Way too cool for school. But I haven't done too badly myself. I picked up some great things, that are totally my style, and am very happy with my haulin'.

I'm trying to branch out into new things on the blog this year and my first ambition is to up the photography game. So, in light of all things adventurous, I made a little gif of my sales haul...hope you like it!

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