Friday, 23 September 2016

Holiday part 2: Sheep in high heels AKA the night of camping hell

Dave and I are big fans of camping. We've enjoyed many a holiday in the great outdoors and so from the start we've been pretty keen to see how the Bobbo would get on camping too, so that it would be another option for future holiday ideas. Instead of going full-on canvas we decided we would try him (and us) in one of these camping pod thingies that you see so much about. There was one available kinda on the way home from the Lakes so we booked it up and got all excited about having another day of holidays! 

First of all let's talk about the pod. Hmmm, in the photo that I saw it had a sink area and looked all kinds of big. When we arrived it had two single camp beds, a futon, and a teeny tiny window that let in no light. Dave described it as being a bit like a shed, for me it felt really enclosed, rather like a big wooden coffin and I was definitely not feeling it at all...and neither was Bob. On high alert from the moment we arrived, we swayed back and forth between deciding if we were even going to stay or just give it up and head home. We really should have listened to our instincts, but being the hardy fools that we are, we decided to see the experiment out and stay the night. 

Here's the pod by the way. Looks all kinds of nice from the outside...

The best part was the meal at the pub down the road. More chips were involved. And more beer too. Woop! 

We watched a glorious sunset from the top of the moors and then decided it was time to head to bed. We closed the door of the tiny shed/coffin pod and went to bed...where we didn't really sleep at all. 

First of all some sheep arrived in the field. Sheep that seemed to be wearing high heel stilettos. Sheep in high heels and wooden decking is a strange combination for humans, add in a dog on high alert, not entirely at one with nature and trouble started to brew. Deep growls from the Bobbo did not deter the sheep one bit as they continued to dance around our decking in their high heel shoes *

*side note, we got off pretty lightly we found out in the morning. One man in the field was sleeping in a tent and he awoke in the middle of the night to find a sheep head-butting him through the canvas. These sheep were all kinds of mean...

After they'd finished dancing around our decking they headed off to the bins and knocked them over too. Barmy sheep! Deep growls. There was lots of us trying to coax Bob to lie back down and ignore the sheep and all the other noises. He even got up at one point in the night and started pacing up and down the tiny shed/coffin's making me tired just remembering it. As dawn finally broke we all staggered out of the pod bleary eyed and feeling pretty sorry for ourselves. We enjoyed-ish a big breakfast, packed up the car, and set off for home. 

Valuable lessons we have learned from this overnight experience:
1. Bob does not like camping
2. Bob does not like sheep. Especially if they wear high heels and eat his kibble
3. Bob will not be coming on any camping holidays with us
4. Claire and Dave do not enjoy sleeping in tiny camp beds
5. It's much colder than you expect in a shed/coffin/pod
6. Sheep are dickheads

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