Thursday, 22 September 2016

WWW - the week that was

I was going to call this 'The Week Without WiFi' and have this ready to go out on Monday. Ahem. Life, work, busy, yada yada. Anyway here I am, better late than never to talk about the holiday!! The holiday that after 4 days back at work and extreme busy-ness now feels like a gazillion years ago *sad face* 

So, the week that was/the week without WiFi. We went to the beautiful Lake District, we took the Bobbo with us, we stayed in a fab place that used to be a tennis pavilion that was surrounded by trees, and birds - especially robins, and speaking of special - deer! Yep we saw an actual deer in our garden! The neighbour saw three! That was pretty magical I can tell you. Oh and yep, there was no internet signal, which we kind of knew about, but closer to the truth would be that there was no signal of any kind, even mobile to send a text message. Well and truly switched off from the world we settled into an absolutely brilliant week! 

Jennings ale at the local pub
We walked, we strolled, we read books, we ate ice creams and way too many chips, we drank all the Jennings ale (has to be done really considering it's my last name and all, and no, sadly it's not my future empire to inherit...). We enjoyed glorious blue skies and sunny days (only one half day of rain in the Lakes is almost a miracle!), and if you've never been it's a stunner of a place and around literally every corner is yet another beautiful sight. Here, I'll show you a few so you can see what I mean. 

Could there be a better example of the rolling English countryside?
Those mountains are totally real I promise you!
Rydal Water - yep, glorious!
Lake Windermere and the gorgeous blue skies!
By the end of every single day we were all so relaxed that some of us went to sleep at 6.30 in the evening and stayed that way until 13 hours later...

Let sleeping Bobs lie
It truly was a stupendous week and I was really quite upset that we had to come home. 

But I guess if you went on holiday every week it wouldn't be special anymore would it? 

The holiday is not quite over though so make sure you come back tomorrow to read the next installment. There's sheep in high heels...see you then! 

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