Friday, 3 March 2017

Friday Find

Part book recommendation, part podcast recommendation, consider this Friday Find a bit of a mixed bag. I first came across Emma Gannon via someone's Instagram - I can't even remember who now. They were shouting out about her book, Ctrl Alt Delete, and it sounded kinda fun so I added it to my imaginary books to track down pile. This actually proved quite difficult as it was nowhere to be had in any library in my local authority (my first port of call always - such a librarian!) and I ended up buying it as an e-book. And I'm so glad I did as it has been a massively delightful read. 

Okay here we go. Rubbish description alert but you know the drill by now. She's 26, her whole life has been lived online, she's a massive social media nerd, blah blah blah, Claire says you should read this book! There we did it! In one sentence too *pats self on back* To add a couple more words, it's funny and sassy and has resonated with me over and over again, not because I'm 26, hell far from it, but because now that social media is my job everything that she talks about is so true! 

She also has a podcast of the same name, which I recently started listening to and am now totally hooked on. Thank god there are 61 episodes available - this means I have some way to go before I will ever catch up, and she does them weekly sooooo, podcasts for ever, YES! The people she has on her podcast are so interesting, the interview/chat/discussion - whatever you want to call it - is also funny and sassy and highly enjoyable. I've mainly veered towards the bloggers and vloggers so far, but there are loads and I'm excited to listen to more. 

I'm not ashamed to admit, I went a bit fan-girl and started following her on Twitter and Instagram too. She has a cool look, think big glasses, crazy hair and lots of clashing patterns, and (ultimate fan girl moment!) she replied to my tweet the other day! Yep, not ashamed to admit that deep down I am beyond thrilled when people like that (i.e. well-known!) actually respond - so. much. excitement! #geek 

Big thumbs up from me. 

Read the book

Listen to the podcast. 

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