Wednesday, 1 March 2017

February Favourites

Oh February, all 28 days of you, I'm still not entirely sure how it's another new month already...but in the meantime here's a little rundown of some of my favourites from that short but oh so sweet month. 

TV: This is Us 
I finally started watching this series and instantly became hooked - oh my god, I love it! It's funny and heart-warming and sad and basically very, very good. I'm normally a bit confused when things switch from past to present, mainly because big concentration is required to keep up, but with this I don't even notice it. Love the cast, love the characters, love, love, love! If you haven't already, go and catch up on 4OD! 

Pink shoes
I have no idea what is happening right now. None at all. Me? Pink shoes? This is not a thing that has ever happened before but it's turned into a bit of a thing. First of all I bought this gorgeous pair of pink kicks, and then only a matter of days later I found myself trying on a pair of pink boots with a white sole...I know, right? They sound gross but trust me, they look all kinds of fabulous with jeans and I can't wait until it stops raining and it's safe to wear them outside. Pink shoes rule! Here's my oh so pretty kicks, yes, my feet are enormous...

Pancake Day! 
Basically the best day of the year so far! The pancake consumption started the weekend before the big Tuesday. We had to eat them for job is so hard...HA! Then on the day itself Dave and I basically ate way too many and ended up feeling a bit sick. We're so mature. This didn't stop us consuming further bad things in the form of donuts and biscuits on that very same night. What can I say? We are piggies 🐽 (pig nose emoji moment - yassss!) The pancakes and berries of dreams below are from our local tea house and were indeedy as yum-diddly-scrumptious as they look! 

February also meant a final and joyous farewell to the Cold of Doom. Can I have a yippee?!? 

The rest of the month flew by right before my eyes. I'm already worried that it's going to be Christmas in about five minutes...send help! 

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