Saturday, 25 February 2017

Days off when everyone else is at work...

...are the best invention ever! Could there ever be a better phrase than 'you need to take the holidays you have left' Glory, glory, hallelujah! 

Just this last week I had 1.5 days holiday and they were brilliant! I finished work on Thursday at 1pm and I unashamedly spent the rest of the day lounging around on the sofa, reading my book, listening to podcasts, catching up on some TV...basic summary? I did sweet eff-A, and it was the BEST thing ever! 

On Friday I would have had a sleep in, but the dog came running up the stairs, jumped on the bed and proceeded to 'dig me out' of the duvet at 7am. Sleep in? What's that then! I did however have an incredibly lazy start: I ate my breakfast in my pyjamas, I watched some more TV, I took the dog out for a lazy stroll, went and visited my parents and enjoyed a hot cross bun, a cuppa tea and some slightly heated political discussions, went shopping for some new clothes, enjoyed a coffee outside with actual sun on my face, before coming home for some more lazing around. 

Days off! Especially when you know everyone else is at work and you would be too normally cos you're not actually away on holiday anywhere - sweeeeeet! 

And you know what's even better? I have two more left to take - wooop! I already know what I'll be doing...

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