Thursday, 9 February 2017

TV Times: Apple Tree Yard

I am all about the recommendations this week! You'd think I've not done anything else except lie around and read books and watch TV...actually that's kind of true. What? It's cold and dark outside and if you can't do those things in the chilly winter months when can you? If we were in Denmark they'd be calling it 'hygge' - gawd, anyone else sick of seeing that? I've been doing it for years! Loads of people have; in fact I would say that a large majority of people are proper experts at the whole hygge lifestyle without ever knowing that it had an actual name, however, as per usual, I digress. Back to topic. 

Let's talk TV. And by that I mean let's talk one of the BEST series I have watched in ages, and you know I never say that lightly...unless it's Nashville and I have said on many an occasion that you can judge me all you like, I don't care. Again, digressing. Stick with it woman! 

Apple Tree Yard. BBC drama. Starring Emily Watson and Ben Chaplin. Drama, thriller, call it what you will, by episode 3 you will literally be on the edge of your seat and be ever so grateful that Aunty Beeb decided to show the last two episodes over two nights. Except of course you will be watching on catch up or on demand or whatever, so you will have the added advantage of watching them all in 4 hours flat. And trust me when I say, you probably will. Set aside an afternoon, grab a cuppa, some munchies and a few cushions/big jumper/someone big to hide behind cos you're gonna need it! 

Obviously I can't give too much away, but let's just say you will not be prepared for what happens at the end. And you might even gasp out loud and do the whole shocked face/massive bulgy eyes emoji - effin brilliant! 

Doing it all backwards, I've ordered the book from the library cos I simply have to read it now - if the TV version is that good can you imagine how good the book must be?! Need! I'll keep you posted...but at least I'll be prepared for the ending now and hopefully won't gasp out loud if I'm reading it in a public place...

I still can't get over it. SO GOOD! 

Apple Tree Yard, available from iPlayer near you. Go! Hurry! 

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