Sunday, 19 February 2017

Postcards from the edge...

I feel like I say this a lot but I genuinely have no idea where the time is going. How can it be almost March? How?! It was only Christmas five minutes ago and now, at work, they're already talking about Christmas this year...I cannot even deal. And as for this week? Schummmmmmmmmm! (the sound when time flies by in an instant)

Admittedly it was a particularly busy week. First of all I went on a training course to Manchester. Due to the early start I travelled down the night before and stayed in a hotel. All by myself. It's normally Dave doing this kind of thing but this time it was me, talking through the iPad and confusing the poor dog no end - I can hear the human lady, but there is no way she will fit in that black box with all the cakes she has been eating...I stayed in a Premier Inn which in terms of style is not that high, but in terms of comfort? Beds of dreams! Also, as I was to discover, breakfasts of dreams! And I opened the curtains to the most beautiful building right opposite me! 

The course was really good - I met loads of lovely people and the instructor guy (also really nice!) reinforced my belief that I am approaching my job in the right way. Quality over quantity, don't say something for the sake of it, be creative. Tick, tick, tick. Claire = happy. 

I had all these grand plans to wander around Manchester afterwards as it's somewhere that I have always wanted to go. I set off in the direction of the Northern Quarter where all the cool cats live...but it started to rain...and I had holes in my boots and the fluff round my hood was getting soggier and soggier, the final nail in the adventure/wandering was when I realised that my rucksack that I was carrying had been making my skirt ride up at the back and my coat too and I was probably showing the whole of the North West my blue pants that would be clearly visible through my black tights. Classy. Enough adventuring for one day, I headed back to the train station. I would definitely like to go back though. Just not wearing those boots, and maybe not that skirt either as that is one sartorial misadventure too far. 

This week I also ate yet more cake. This absolutely, positively, definitely has to stop and this time Dave is with me, as he ventured on to the scales and did not like the numbers that came back at him. For me, my clothes are starting to feel not that great - I always think it's probably a sign it's gone too far when the comfiest clothes in my wardrobe are my pyjamas. Ahem. Two is stronger than one in the eating better department. We can do this! We can. But that doesn't mean that we can't enjoy a photo of the cupcake that I enjoyed on Tuesday. 

The biggest accomplishment of the week was definitely being told by our new 17 year old apprentice that me (and my work buddy Rachel) are cool. In true Claire style I immediately removed any sense of that by announcing to everyone that we had been declared as cool...but for that brief moment, well, what a day! I could be her mam! I mean at a push I could probably be her granny...maybe not...but you know, me = old, her = young enough to believe that she can eat 36 mini donuts in a week and remain a size 8 forever (I kid you not, that is actually real, and is also just a drop in the ocean for the actual consumption of food, oh and 24 of those were in one sitting...) 

The weekend finally rolled around. I had my hair did, I met up with Andy for some serious catching up and a wander around a rather big but definitely disappointing charidee shop, and ended Saturday at theatre with the cast and crew enjoying a pizza and a couple of social beverages - gosh, how civilised! Sunday has been dog walking, dog showering due to galloping at top speed through every single muddy puddle (there were lots of them), cooking lunch for Dave's mam, and then discovering that I can download Girls via iTunes - oh! Yes! I can finally catch up ready for the new series, which hopefully I will also be able to get through there. Who knew? Why did I not Google this sooner? Durrrrrr. 

And now another weekend has ended. Why so fast? The soup is on the hob and I'm winding my way into another snoozy evening so until next time please enjoy this view, which I think looks kind of like an English countryside painting of old. It's fast becoming one of my favourite places to wander and lots of happy memories are being made. Hope y'all had a happy weekend too! 

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