Monday, 23 November 2015

Baking Christmas

Oooh Ahhh the house smells divine, what can that be? Oh yes, it's Christmas baking season! Dried fruit, oranges, lemons and spices littered all over the kitchen worktops, soaking and feeding. Yummo!

First up was the mincemeat. Neither mince nor meat, but fruity, boozy goodness all sealed up and ready to bake into mince pies. Woop! This is an overnight job, soaking all the fruit and sugar and spices together. If that wasn't yummy enough, you then bake it for 3 hours on a really low oven where basically your house smells so good you want to lick the oven door. I am excited to make these babies up into some tasty pies and bars.  

A few days later I made the cake for the traditional Christmas Eve icing extravaganza, that has fast become the highlight of the holidays for me! I've been very brave and gone off book (I'm still not sure that Delia has forgiven me from all those years ago...) and used a Mary Berry recipe. I mean, come on, surely Delia must approve of the Berry - she's an even bigger legend! More soaking, more yummy smells, more low ovens and long cooking times. It's been like a long drawn out torture for the dog who basically walks round the kitchen with his nose in the air, sniff sniff sniff.

Bring on all the Christmas goodies. It's the most, tastiest, time of the year!

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