Friday, 6 November 2015

Winter Cozies

I still can't believe it's November! I could seriously dedicate a whole post to the wonder of where on earth has 2015 gone but it's probably not that interesting. So it's November. Which means it gets dark at 5pm, and soon it will get dark even earlier than that, and sooner still pretty much most of the day seems to be dark - oh Winter, you can be a tough guy to handle sometimes. 

I was thinking about this on Sunday as we were hunkered down in the living room. It was past 5, our lush red curtains were closed against the dark night, I was sprawled out on the sofa, Dave was stretched out on the floor, Bob the Dog was (unsurprisingly) asleep after his epic adventure going into the sea for the first time, and we were watching Addams Family Values. Add in the steaming hot soup and warm bread that we ate a few moments later and you have yourself some winter cosy right there. 

It was so chilled it almost felt a bit surreal. Life at the moment is very busy with work, theatre, garden tasks, house jobs, general boring household chores like ironing piles that keep on growing, food shopping...well, you know it, day to day life. To take a couple of hours out and just collapse on the sofa with a brilliant Sunday evening film was just the best! 

I think we're going to need more of that to make it through the next few weeks. I don't even want to stop and seriously think about all we have to do or my brain might melt down. 

Come on Sunday evening chill time, you can't come soon enough! I wonder what the film will be this week? 

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