Friday, 20 November 2015


I love these kind of lists. I enjoy writing them and reading them on other blogs too. My currently is looking something like this...

Drinking...a cup of instant, milky coffee in my Tally Ho moustache mug. It's all about a good mug.

Eating...a Penguin Yule log. Which is kind of like a mini roll in a Christmas wrapper. If you don't know what a mini roll is your life is not complete. the sound of the dog snoring gently. Silence is my background noise of choice when I'm working.

Reading...Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. I'm enjoying it but my mind is not fully focused on it due to constant tiredness (see Challenged By... below) work from home outfit - a pair of jeggings (anyone else obsessed?!), a tee, and a hoodie. I'll either have trainers on my feet if I've just done the dog walk or kicks with socks. It's how I roll these days...

Challenged by...lack of time. It's old news now. Just read any other posts from this month!

Choosing...whether to make an appointment to get some Christmas themed gel nails. I've recently stopped biting my nails and I'm tempted by the Christmas jumper design. Should I...?

Excited time! I'm over the halfway mark of this incredible busy that is going on at the moment and I can't wait to get my life back again. Never again!

Planning...holidays for next year. We're thinking of a week camping somewhere like Wales with the dog, and then treating ourselves to one of our much loved French holidays. I can already feel the sun on my back and the taste of a chilled to perfection pink wine - heaven!

What are you wearing/reading/any of the above? Pick one and share below.

(Thanks to Chrystina Noel for the currently words inspiration)

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  1. Yay to the Christmas jumper nails! Also very tempted by the penguin...