Monday, 9 November 2015


You know when you say you'll do something, but you don't really think through the consequences? That's me right now. I foolishly agreed to be the Production Assistant (PA) for the upcoming show at my theatre group and when the rehearsal schedule was sent to me I think I gulped out loud. Essentially, as I am also a builder and set decorator crew member, I'm currently at the theatre 5 nights out of 7. Next week that goes up to 6. It's worse than a full time job! Nobody told me this at the beginning, and I already know that I won't be doing it ever again. It's crazy!

If I was only doing that I probably wouldn't mind so much. But I'm also currently working my extra hours that I got for my existing job, one that I actually get paid for. I'm due to start my new libraryland job as soon as the paperwork comes through. Add in dog walks, boring household chores, cooking dinner, food shopping, Dave due to go away on business, preparing for Christmas, and all the other day to day living, and you could say I'm kinda busy. Actually, scratch that, very busy!

I'm not complaining, sometimes life throws these busy periods at you and you work your way through them. I generally make it through by being absolutely starving the whole time (I think my adrenaline goes into overdrive), going to bed as early as possible, and staring into space/out of the window as my brain goes on a temporary holiday.

I have the rehearsal schedule pinned up on the kitchen cabinet and am crossing off each night as it's done. A bit like being in jail if you will. Release will be imminent, well, on the 19th December. I'd like to think I'm planning a big celebration but the reality will probably be a nice bath and a long sleep. It's the small things...

How's life treating you? Make me jealous by talking about all your free time!

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