Monday, 30 November 2015

November Favourites

There goes another month! I'm not even going to mention the usual phrases (oh go on then: how? what? busy! eep!), let's just dive right into the favourites for November.

Sunday. The one precious day of the week when Dave and I get to spend more than one hour with each other. In these busy times (there, I said it) it has become a day to cherish. To just say no when people ask if we are free. We're not doing anything particularly exciting, on one occasion we even tackled the giant ironing mountain. We potter around the house for a while and then we try to take Bob somewhere new so that he has lots of experiences to store in his little puppy brain. We enjoy leisurely meals and cups of strong coffee and lots of tasty treats. We crash out in front of the TV and watch something light and fluffy. It's both nothing and everything and is helping to keep us sane.

Bob's Big Adventures! And ours too! On Sundays, that one precious day, we usually take the Bobster somewhere new. So far he's been on lots of different woodland walks and I even donned my wellies and took him into the sea. All the books say that the fear can come about at any time and so, as we don't want a total wuss for a dog, we're taking him to do all these things and turning him into a mighty warrior...and we get to have lots of fun too. When was the last time you put your wellies on and jumped into the sea as an adult? If you're wondering why I wore wellies and didn't just paddle in with bare feet, we live in the north east of England, and trust me when I tell you that the North Sea is bloody freezing! Long may the adventures continue!

Podcasts. In particular, Limetown. It is sooooo good! It's like a radio drama almost. If you like mystery and drama and good old fashioned creepy moments (chills down your spine kind of thing) I'd highly recommend checking it out.

The final favourite has to go to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Yep, the original 90s series is on Netflix and I'm loving watching it all over again. The hair, the clothes, the heaving bosom romance between Buffy and Angel, LOVE IT! While I wait for the start date for my new job (will it ever come?!) I'm filling in my odd spare moments with an episode or two. It's a welcome distraction from the grey skies and crazy weather that has been this month.

I can't believe we're coming up to the final month of 2015! It's almost time to start playing the She and Him Christmas album on constant rotation...

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