Thursday, 21 May 2015

Down in the Grumps

I seriously got out of bed on the wrong side this morning. Full on grumpy-pants. This is a most unusual state of being for me as I am usually a very happy bunny indeed, full of positivity and sunny beams of sun. Grump-y. Big style. I can't really even pinpoint a reason, but you know one of those days where just every single thing is wrong or goes wrong? That was today. 

The sun was shining so I did some washing. There was heaps of it so I did some dancing around the rockery bed to make sure that I could fit it all on the line to dry outside. Sat down to have my breakfast and 5 minutes later it rained. Big black cloudy type of rain so I had to go back out and bring it all back inside. And then I was soggy.

I went about the rest of my day trying really hard to not be outwardly grumpy, but I'm not sure I entirely succeeded. Watch out, grumpy pants is about! My sincere apologies to anyone I saw today if I was even remotely miserable to the outside world. 

The day is winding down now, and I'm still feeling a little bit down in the grumps. But not quite as much. A tasty takeaway and some Dave hugs has done the job, kind of. There's nothing for it I think but to go back to bed and hope that tomorrow I roll out of my usual side. 

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