Friday, 29 May 2015

Listen Up!

I would say my music taste, a little like a lot of my other tastes in life, spans far and wide. I'm totally open to all kinds and if I like it then I want to be hearing it a whole lot. Listen Up! will be a regular series of new discoveries, music that I'm loving right now, or maybe just rediscovered old school tunes that are filling me with that dancing feet feeling. 

First up in Listen Up! is Jess Glynne. I'd heard a lot of her songs on the radio but didn't really know much about her until I watched some coverage of Radio 1's Big Weekend. And she's a cool chick. Like totally cool. She's a red headed curly girlie with an amazing voice and a whole lot of strutty attitude. Like. A lot. I've already pre-ordered her album which is due for release in August 15: I Laugh When I Cry. 

Open your ears and enjoy (or not, each to their own and all that)

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