Friday, 15 May 2015

It wasn't really but it felt like a weekend in London...

I've just come back from a mini adventure in London visiting my lovely friend, Tee, seeing some sights, walking many many thousands of steps, and enjoying the blue skies and sunshine. There's nothing better than a mini break, even if London does make me a little bit nervous these days with all the many millions of people, all rushing past you at about a hundred miles an hour, who obviously have some major emergency going down - why so fast, people? Slooooow it down a bit, take some time, enjoy the moment. 

My 4 day visit was busy busy, which fits in with everyone else apparently. The Monday and Thursday were majorly spent travelling, but the middle two days were all mine. Glorious. 

I did a shit load of walking. I know this as my fitbit told me how many steps I'd done and it was loads, way loads more than I do oop north anyway. The two big events were meeting up with my old uni friend who I hadn't seen for 3 years, and going to the Victoria and Albert museum to see the Alexander McQueen exhibition, Savage Beauty (a full review to follow tomorrow). 

Catching up with Sarah was the best! It really was as if we'd only seen each other yesterday and we struck up a conversation that didn't really stop until we said goodbye a few hours later. Reminiscing about uni days (can it really be 20 years since we started? What?), chatting about families, friends, holidays, handbags - it was just lovely. I think we both felt sad to have to say goodbye, as who knows when it will be next time. Savouring the moment, we said our fond goodbyes and I wandered off to do some sight seeing. 

There are a lot of things not to love about London, but you can't deny her beauty and sky lines:

One of my most favourite places is the Tate Modern, and I love nothing more than walking over the Millennium Bridge with St Pauls in the distance. So dreamy!

Finally, I'm sorry Victoria and Albert Museum but your glass thingie hanging over the front desk looks lovely from a distance, but in a photo, looking up? It be rude!

You see that too, right?

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