Friday, 29 April 2016

April Favourites

April was the bringer of fools, all the rain and in actual fact ALL the weather including snow! Let's see what made the winners list, shall we?

Absolute 90's Radio - the Friday Indie Disco
This has been a favourite for a couple of months now, but until a recent Friday  night when Dave was away I discovered the indie disco! Oh! My! Days! It was just like returning to the heady years of 1995-1998 when I was a student in fair London town. We would regularly hit the clubs and catch the first tube home at dawn having danced the night away to many many songs and all the CHOOOONS! I think the Absolute Indie Disco starts at 7pm. If you're a fan of the original Britpop, enjoy belting out all the words in a very loud voice, and dancing/jumping around the kitchen then I would highly recommend that you check this out. Incidentally, whilst dancing/jumping around the kitchen I snapchatted myself and let's just say that snap was immediately deleted and OMG I really look like that when I'm dancing...?!?!

Bright Shiny Morning by James Frey
I love love love James Frey's writing. He is a truly brilliant and unique voice and his two previous books, My Name is Leonard and A Million Little Pieces, both totally floored me. They were raw, brutally honest, passionate, and brilliant. I had to wait a good while to find Bright Shiny Morning and I certainly never expected to find it on the shelf of my current libraryland but there it was, right there, just waiting for me. As I expected it was also brutal and raw, weird and probably not for everyone. Having said all that, if that's the kind of thing that floats your boat in books then I would definitely recommend picking this up. It was all about Los Angeles and the weird and wonderful people who inhabit that town mixed in with lots of random facts about the history of LA and some of the laws...even my description makes it sound weird...I guess I like odd books.  

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - THE END!
Well I did it. 7 series. It's probably the most committed I've ever been to a television show since Sex and the City. I have to be honest and admit that at the beginning of series 7, I was feeling a little underwhelmed and started to wonder if it was worth it but about halfway through it picked up the pace again and I was hooked. The end coincided with Dave being away for work and I unashamedly admit to binge watching the 3 final episodes in one sitting. So good! It's been a week since I finished it and I'm still wondering what to start watching. Feel free to send any recommendations.

My shiny new phone - the Samsung S6 in gold!
With the majority of mobile phone contracts coming in at 2 years or 24 months as they like to tell you (as if that makes it sound shorter!) it's always a huge surprise when I get a phone call to tell me I am able to upgrade. This time round I knew I wanted to stick with Samsung and I wanted to pay the same and the S6 was their offering. I knew it looked nice but nothing prepared me for the beauty that it is! Oh so shiny! Oh so battery lasting longer than a few hours! Oh so totally effing amazing camera that is 16 megapixels which I am pretty sure is better than my actual camera and blimey that was a lot of words without a pause for breath. Shiny happy phone = shiny happy Claire. Sometimes I switch it on just to gaze at it longingly. Yup, I'm a phone 'ho and proud to admit it.

While we're on admitting things, I have to confess I was kinda grumpy in April quite a lot of the time. One definite non-favourite was rebuilding the greenhouse (still not finished). I tried, I did, I tried so hard to be happy about it, but it just wore me down. It was a big job that involved lots of planning and physical work and working outside in what should have been soaring Spring temperatures and was actually chuffing freezing every single weekend. The end is in sight and I cannot be more thrilled. Roll on free weekends and getting to do our jobs! I'll stop moaning now Dave...

May brings holidays! I'm already pretty sure they will feature in next month's favourites. See you there...

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