Monday, 25 April 2016

Roundup: #dailywalk

BB (Before Bob) I did used to walk about quite a bit, cos it's a free way to get exercise, but since Bob (SB?) the #dailywalk is a thing. Each and every day, come rain or shine (usually rain) we trot on out for either a couple of shorter walks or one really big walk. It's become my favourite time of day. Sometimes it's really early in the morning and there's no-one else about and I get to see the pretty sunrise...this is from a person who has never ever been a morning person, nu-uh, not in the slightest...I can really see why people do that whole early morning thing now though, you can get so much done! Or it's late in the evening when it's dark and you get to nosy into cosy looking houses, or it's the afternoon, or, well, you get the idea. Walk walk walk walk, at all times of the day.

I was always a fan of the changing seasons, especially coming out of Winter into Spring, when the plants are beginning to bud and everything is creeping back to life, but this year more than ever I am appreciating it so much more. I've seen the seasons change from late summer (Bob came into our lives in August last year), into the beauty of Autumn, the cold dark and soggy Winter, and the cold and soggy Spring - come on you sunshine! I usually stop and take a photo when I see something really nice, so here's a little roundup of some beautiful Spring walking. I'm already looking forward to Summer!

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