Friday, 15 April 2016

Big arse jeans shopping

I briefly considered calling this post something much more professional sounding, but then I thought nope, I'm telling it like it is, which is shopping for jeans when you have a big arse.

I firmly believe that shopping for jeans could be introduced as a new method of torture. It's truly beyond, and in the past I have been known to end up very close to tears with sheer frustration. I also believe that this torture applies to anyone of any size, shape, and gender. Unless you have hundreds of pounds to spend to have your jeans made to fit your own unique shape, trying to find a pair that fits perfectly is hellish and stressful and I'll bet has caused a real tear or two to be shed. But shed those tears no more! If like me, you are ample of arse, then I have a couple of pairs that could solve your problems.

First of all though I think we need to talk shape. As in my shape. I've mentioned above that I am ample of arse, it's a true statement. It's not hugely wide, but it is more booty than botty, in that it sticks out. Pair this with some womanly hips, chunky thighs, and slimmer waist, and therein lies your jeans dilemma. I like a skinny jean, and I like a boyfriend style also, but mostly I just wanted something that wasn't covered in dog drool and actually looked good to leave the house in. It's been a long search and I've tried on everything from the famous-on-the-internets Topshop Jamie jean, which was frankly like wearing sausage skin and how do you breathe/move/sit down in them? No thank you. I also tried all my usual haunts such as New Look, Dorothy Perkins, M&S, hell I even tried good old BHS! But enough chitchat, onto the jeans.

The first successful mission was online in the form of the River Island Ashley jeans They are boyfriend jeans, so straight leg rather than skinny, but I like a looser fit for wearing with tees and kicks in the warmer months. I have to wear a belt with them as they're too big round the waist but they fit perfectly everywhere else. I would recommend opting for your true size (I'm a UK 16), and if you're a shorty it might be worth checking if they come in petite, but the bottoms are designed to be rolled up anyway, so maybe you could just roll them up further. They're pretty dark at the moment, which I am liking, but I know I'll also love them as they get washed more and begin to take on the older, faded look. At £40, they're definitely a higher price bracket than your New Look etc. but I still think they are very reasonably priced. I've had River Island jeans in the past and loved them until they fell apart so definitely worth the extra few pounds.

The second successful mission was in TK Maxx. This isn't a shop I spend a lot of time in as I think it's a weird kind of hybrid between high street and charity shop. You need the charity shop browsing skills combined with your high street wallet, and the odd high end/designer item makes my eyes boggle. Anyhow I digress. I can't actually find a link to the jeans on the website, but the brand of the jeans is Blue Fire which it turns out is a German brand. The pair I successfully found are skinny fit (or tight fit as per the website) and were a bargainous £12! They are also a size 13, which made me assume that they were a brand from the US, but maybe they have that kind of sizing in Germany too? Either way, they fit like a glove. They're high rise which means no belt (woop!) and are supersoft yet still feel like they might last a while. I almost whooped out loud in the dressing room when I tried them on as I immediately didn't want to ever take them off! I wore them out on Sunday and definitely did a bit of strutting - yeah baby!

Mission accomplished, twice! I feel so chuffed as now I won't need to jeans shop for a good long while which is always good news.

I do have one other option for you that I have been living in for the past few months, but it all depends on how you feel about 'jeggings'. This is a word I never imagined would be in my 'style' vocabulary, as I used to think they were actually very short on style. Which is probably true, but they are big on comfort (elasticated waists for the win!) and the beauty of them is that no matter how many washes they always go back to their original shape. I have two pairs of the Eden jeggings from Dorothy Perkins and they are all kinds of wondrous. When I first got them I never imagined I would leave the house in them, but the denim quality is actually really good and is just like wearing a really tight pair of jeans, with an elasticated waist (still winning); I would even go so far as to say that with a funky ankle boot and a good top I have even done some jeggings strutting, and been complimented on looking 'leggy' which I will kindly take, thank you very much. I'd definitely recommend them, and might even get a new pair as they're currently on sale with 25% off - Brucey bonus time!

I hope this post has been a big help if you're of the big arse persuasion. Or just taken you to some new places for jeans inspiration. If you've got any recommendations of your own, share them below - let's stop the crying over ripped jeans (and by ripped I mean rrrrriiiiippppp as you try to squeeze yourself into a pair that are too small - ooopsy...)

Over and out.

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