Friday, 6 May 2016

Follow the yellow brick road...

...or some blogs that I love. I decided that after discussing my reasons for Unfollowing some bloggers in a recent purge, that I'd share some of the blogs I get really excited about. This is not an exhaustive list as my feed is pretty full, but these are probably the ones I will read first before anything else. I'll link to each one in the title and then tell you why I love them so.

Garance Dore
I've talked before about my love for Garance Dore in a recent monthly favourites. Her blog is quite simply divine! The photographs are always stunning and oh so stylish. The content is massive in range and includes everything from the latest in beauty and fashion to think pieces written by Garance which are always so funny (this just makes me believe even more that we could be best friends...) A lot of the products are high end and there's a lot about NYC as this is where they are based, but it never ever puts me off. This is less about promoting a lifestyle and more about creating diverse and interesting content that has me clicking back for more every single day.

Cupcakes and Cashmere
Both Emily (of Cupcakes...) and Garance are probably the two main style blogs that I read. Having said that they are poles apart in style and live on opposite coasts of the USA. I absolutely love Emily's style and she has a lot of weekly series that I look forward to, which was a big inspiration behind me trying a few series on this blog. As with Garance the content is very diverse and all about a whole range of everything from eating habits to latest discoveries in bronzer. I enjoy the mix and have yet to come across a post that has had me clicking away. Another thing I really like is that the posts are waiting for me when I check into Bloglovin on a morning, which is quite unusual for a US based blog as they seem to mainly publish in the afternoon UK time.

Minimalist Baker
You didn't think we'd get through this without a foodie blog? Come on! Where to start? I think I love Dana and John. Every recipe I've ever tried has been absolutely bloody gorgeous and they really are minimalist - a small ingredients list and usually made in one bowl, the recipes are easy to follow, totally delicious, and the photographs often make me drool. They're incredibly interactive with their readers and often reply to comments and always always like your photo if you post to instagram using the hashtag #minimalistbaker which makes me feel all kind of fan-girly and oh my god they actually looked at my photo (#geek) I've recently pre-ordered their brand new cookbook and cannot wait for it to arrive! So! Much! Excitement! I am almost certain there will be some drooling...

A Model Recommends
Ah the lovely Ruth. This one is a real mixed bag: in-depth product reviews and testing, wish-lists, style posts, lots of lifestyle, and these days all sorts of baby stuff thrown in there too. My favourite is the Sunday Tittle-Tattle weekly post for both the title and the ramblings that emerge from it. Ruth is funny and down to earth, I'd say a bit ditzy and completely loveable. I've been following loyally for a long while now and feel like we've all been on a journey together. Normally I would be turned off at the first mention of pregnancy and babies but as a loyal reader, the news was so brilliant I think it even brought a tear to my eye. Most of the baby stuff is pointed towards an alternative blog which I even started following, not because I want to know about the best baby bag to carry but because I genuinely enjoy reading everything that Ruth creates, and you can't really ask for a better recommendation than that!

The Londoner
If you want to travel the world but don't have the wallet to do it then I'd recommend having a read of Rosie's blog. If on the other hand you are easily jealous and find rich people highly annoying then avoid this one like the plague! I very much enjoy living vicariously through this blog. I have no idea how and I don't really feel the need to know why she is always here, there, everywhere, and all over the world, but she shares massive posts that are heavy on the photographs and more often than not involve some seriously drool-worthy food porn! Rosie is tall and glamorous with a stunning body and an expensive wardrobe, but she's also goofy and uses terrible dad-jokes to end her blog posts. Reading her posts is more like reading a stylish travel guide, and I like starting my day with a bowl of soggy cereal whilst reading about her latest adventures!

Have you got any blog recommendations to share? I have so many more but I cherry picked my top five just for you. Anyone else's Bloglovin always crammed full...?

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