Wednesday, 4 May 2016

MUST WATCH: The Night Manager

I'm interrupting my usual twice weekly schedule to tell you that you must find a way to watch The Night Manager (BBC). I should also preface this by saying that if you have it recorded as a series link on your Tivo box, make sure that you don't just leave the remote control on the chair arm, highlighting the last episode, as when someone sits down it might just get deleted. And then you might have to start shouting and panicking and frantically trying to find out how you can recover said last episode. You might also have to shout with joy when you discover that you can actually recover said episode and celebrate that you don't have to make an immediate order to Amazon Prime for it to arrive on DVD the next day. True story...

Anyway, final episode dramas aside, I have to tell you about how absolutely bloody brilliant this BBC series was. Edge of your seat, nail biting tension, genuine terror filled moments, which you will absolutely HAVE to keep on watching until you reach the concluding episode (when I started watching I had been growing my nails...I have no nails left now). 

In typical BBC style it's set in some stunning locations which might make you green with envy when you realise that actually, someone really owns that amazing house on the hilltop overlooking the ocean. 

The cast is absolutely bloody brilliant, and Hugh Laurie as Dickie Roper, the arch villain was a total revelation. Genuinely scary, there were a few times when I hid my head inside my jumper for fear of what might happen next. And can we just take some time to talk about Tom Hiddleston? Ah, Tom, you beautiful beautiful man. He's so god-damned chiselled you could probably sharpen knives on his cheekbones - of course he's the hero of the tale, and oh boy, does he play it well! Olivia Colman, Tom Hollander...all brilliant, and all made the series what it was. 

I honestly can't recommend this enough. Both Dave and I loved it and both said how absolutely brilliant it was when it was finished. I've just checked BBC iPlayer and sadly it's not showing on there at the moment, but the info page does give you some other options of where to find it. Try them all, honestly you'll thank me for it!  

Follow this link for all that info and to read about it in more detail >> The Night Manager

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