Monday, 30 May 2016

May Favourites

Short and sweet, but oh so special, here are my two favourites from May. 

First up, let's be shallow and talk hair. In all the time I've been colouring my hair I've rarely been one to follow trends; in fact when I had bright red hair and I started seeing people walking around in their pyjamas outdoors with the same colour, I decided it was time to get rid and went back to kind of my original colour. This time however, I'm totally following the masses, like a sheep, and I don't care! As soon as I saw my hairdresser post a photo with rose gold I immediately liked the photo with all the heart eye emojis and decided instantly that I'm a gonna need me some of that. So I did just that. And I LOVE it! It's not too much in your face, it's subtle but oh so nice (the photos don't really do it justice) and it feels all kinds of summer and rose wine vibes - sweet! Here's a shameless selfie showing it off:

The second favourite of the month is of course our holiday. Oh it was SO GOOD! We were really lucky with the weather, the village we stayed in was so cute and really good location-wise for all the things and places we wanted to visit. We relaxed, we refreshed, we rebooted, all the good things in life. Bob the Dog was a brilliant holiday companion and truly took everything in his stride. He even walked 8 miles one day which is truly amazing! He's pretty much been asleep since we came back... I'm really hoping that below you'll be able to see a little video of our day at Kielder Water and Forest, which was definitely up there in my top 3 days, and is a pretty good summary of the holiday (fingers crossed it works!)

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