Friday, 3 June 2016

Flick the busy switch on

You remember that time last year when I was all kinds of busy because I foolishly agreed to be the Production Assistant at my theatre group, and I did a whole load of whining about it? I do believe I also said that if you ever heard me say those words again then you could punch me? Well, get your boxing gloves out kids because guess what? I'm a Production Assistant again! I know, right? Even I tried to bop myself but it didn't work and I just ended up with another bruise. In a pitiful attempt to try to defend myself the director did ask for me in person...and apparently he is super thrilled that I agreed...and he might only need me one night a week, or maybe two, or actually can you just come to all the rehearsals? Arrrgggghhhh!

So here we are again. Busy all the nights, busy all the days. I've also recently added to my libraryland job by joining what they call the temporary register - basically they can call you up and ask you to work at any of the branches across the borough. I'm very happy about this cos I've been asking for a really long time, and those extra hours are already starting to clock up. Big woop for the extra pennies - 1, housework/housewifey duties - big fat epic zero. The ironing pile is mountainous, the washing pile is beginning to look the same, there may even be dishes left in the sink from last night, and the whole house needs cleaning...yep that busy switch is well and truly flicked on!

In other news, the sun has finally decided to come back out to play.

My car may or may not be on its last legs (wheels?) He's going to the garage this week for the diagnosis, send positive thoughts! 

I've finally stopped eating all the chocolate. That holiday vibe went on a really looooong time, like since Christmas. Oopsy.

Bob the Dog is almost 1 year old!

I think that's probably it for now. I have to go and download Kiss by Tom Jones now as part of my good little PA duties. See you on the other side!

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