Wednesday, 8 June 2016

The airbag made me do it

Have you seen any good films lately? I have not, no way, not at all, nope. I absolutely did not LAUGH MY HEAD OFF at several scenes from Bad Neighbours, and there is no way on earth that I actually handed across almost ten pounds of my hard earned money to go and watch the sequel at the cinema...erm, okay those last two statements are complete lies. I did do both of those things. 

Oh dear, what has become of me? I used to be such a film snob, I was all about the indie flicks that were a little bit weird, a little bit odd, and often even a little bit off. I would also sneak in the odd blockbuster here and there, usually during the summer when it would be kind of acceptable to my inner film snobbiness, but Bad Neighbours nonsense type film would never cross my path, I wouldn't let it dare! Until now. I'm blaming the ironing. 

The ironing pile, as per the usual, was bordering on Mount Everest style and when I know I'm going all in, tackling the mountain, I have to have something crap to watch. Something that requires no concentration and doesn't even really need to be watched as I focus on the shirt sleeves (ugh, I HATE ironing shirts!). I came across Bad Neighbours. I hit play and I got sucked in, like all the way in. 

First of all, the characters are just so likeable! Second of all, the scene with the airbags was so funny that I had to stop ironing so I could bend over, I was laughing that hard. Dave came back at around this time and I tried to explain it to him but I was still laughing so much that I couldn't tell it without tears rolling down my face. Ironing hysterics...? I immediately had to text my fellow crap-film lover D to tell her about the airbags. Turns out she had also just watched it and had to rewind that scene several times just to get through it! See, not just me! The text chat carried on and all of a sudden we had made a date to go and see the second one at the cinema. 

Oh dear. Former film snob curls up into a tiny ball inside. 

Of course there were airbags. Of course I nearly stopped breathing I was laughing so hard. And of course it was so awful it was funny.

So the moral of this tale? Banish your inner film snob, embrace the awful, and enjoy those big belly laughs. The airbag scenes alone are worth it! 

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  1. There must be a reason why guilty pleasures are so common, be they music, books, films or whatever. We all have them. I despise reality TV, but then I started watching Strictly and I enjoyed it. Then I discovered Bake Off and became addicted to that. Then it was The Great British Throw Down... it's got the point where I have to admit I do watch reality TV. I can't even look down my nose at people who watch TOWIE any more.