Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Round Our Way: Bedford Street Coffee

Me and Dave, we like our coffee. So when new places open up we always like to give them a try and see if they can beat Espresso 10 - the strange little coffee truck in the town that has somehow always stayed the winner, until now...

I'd like to introduce you to Bedford Street Coffee. Based in Bedford Street in Middlesbrough, this is one of the newest developments in town and it is absolutely stonkin'! I've yet to give anything else a try, but let's just say a walk down that road, has me salivating at all the potential tasty delights (a burrito bar?! Words cannot even!). I digress, back to the coffee. 

The coffee house is cool personified. Exposed brick, wooden floors, subdued lighting, it's everything you imagine a New York City loft to be in the shape of a coffee house. Coffee is ordered by size of cup and it is very bloody delicious! Using Rounton Coffee everything is about keeping it local and keeping it tasty. This time round I had a peanut goldie/brownie and a 10oz cappucino and Dave went for an 8oz black coffee, with an extra shot, and a chocolate and raspberry brownie. In his words: that is the best bit of brownie I have had in me, I do not need to say anything more. 

They've recently upped their foodie game even more by bringing in #projectbetty who I was delighted to discover is an old pal from art college! That was a happy reunion for a Sunday morning! They have big plans for Sunday brunch and all sorts of other tasty delights, needless to say I'll be back for more and am already looking forward to trying out some of the bagel options. And good news for any gluten-free readers as a lot of their food is GF friendly. 

If you're in the area I would highly recommend a visit. You'll probably see me there as I aim to spend much more time there trying out all the different brownie options. Find out more on their Facebook page here and I'll see ya there for coffee! 

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