Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Weekly favourites

Look at me, all mixing things up. I've decided to switch up my favourites and instead of the usual monthly round up, on a Wednesday I'll now be bringing you my weekly favourite(s). Mainly because it also starts with a 'W'. I know, I know, genius idea or what... As always, shout out any feedback below, because frankly, I always get ridiculously excited when someone comments. Ahem. 

So weekly favourite! I'm going to try really hard not be smug here but frankly it's been the absolutely gorgeous weather we have been having. Blue skies, sunny days, balmy evenings, stunning sunsets, what a bloomin' week! For anyone else who lives elsewhere in the UK please don't send the lynch mob to get me, I know, I know, you have been having endless rain, but bloody heckers, it's so rare for us to have nice weather compared to everywhere else that it has to be celebrated! 

When I was at work I practically ran to the coffee shop down the road at lunchtime as they have outdoor seating - win!

When I was at home, other than doing ALL the boring chores, I was outside at every single opportunity - win!

We ate our dinner outside every single night - ding ding ding, jackpot!

And then finally, after ambling home from rehearsals at theatre, staring up at the beautiful sunsets with my mouth wide open, I got home, cracked open an ice cold beer, and sat out on the bench until bedtime - sigh. What bliss!

It's bound to rain tomorrow. But until it does, I'll be enjoying the Summer and praying that it's here to stay!

Blue skies and fluffy white clouds from the bench of joy

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