Monday, 22 August 2016

Oh hi!

Hey y'all, did you miss me? How was your week? That's really interesting and all but let me tell you about my week, go on, please!

So first week at work. That weird and wonderful thing of nerves, anxiety, excitement, and wonder if you've made the right decision. The answer to that last question is most definitely - I had a great week! I'm under no illusion at all that it will stay that way, been there and done that too many times to know that the honeymoon period doesn't last that long, but let me tell you a few reasons why I know it's going to be rockin'. 

First up, I get to sit down all day again! I know, right? After pounding the library floor for the last 8 months it was absolutely delightful to just be sat still. At MY OWN DESK! With my own computer, and a set of desk drawers where I can keep my mug and emergency Polo stash. 

My team seem to be a group of really nice people, albeit a bit on the quiet side. I'm part of the website team which means they're mainly techy-bods who are not used to having a chatty Kathy sitting with them. I might have already scarred them for life with my day to day nattering, but they best get used to it. I'm the 'social' media person, as in very social, loves a good conversation. I'm looking forward to getting to know them better. They might not be thinking that about me...hehe. I'll know for certain when the headphones come out and they block me out! 

The work is interesting, challenging, is going to require a lot of organisation on my part, and best of all they pay me to spend all day on the internet and social media sites! I mean come on! How 21st century is that?! I've already got a lot of lists, but I do love a good list. The best thing seems to be that I get to hear about all the good stuff happening in Middlesbrough and get to go and do some of it for work - sweet! 

I'm loving being back in the town again too. So far I've met up with Toni for a picnic lunch and already have plans to meet up with Rach and all sorts of other Libraryland Version 1 buddies. Happy days. There is a downside to being back in the town and that's the close proximity of all the cool shops. At this present moment my bank balance can't take it and I've had to have a serious word with myself to just stay out of the shops. It didn't help that I was massively disorganised in the first week which meant going out to buy my lunch everyday instead of packing one. What with that and the parking costs I've already had to get a sub from Dave to see me through to the end of the month. Eep! Starting from today though, packing my lunch is definitely a priority! 

All in all, I think the first week went pretty well. By Friday I was looking forward to the weekend and Dave and I met up in the town for a cheeky ice cream treat (pudding before dinner is definitely the way forward) which we haven't done anything like that in about 4 years. Around about the time I left my other full time job, funny that eh? 

I still plan to stick to my previous blogging schedule but every now and then I might miss a few posts, but I don't think anyone will mind too much, eh? Thanks for waiting for the update! See you again soon. Over and out. 

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