Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Weekly favourites

What do you call it when you're at a wedding but you're not a guest? Nor are you working, you're just kind of there as a favour to a good friend who asked you to help out running a bar for the night...? Not sure there is an actual name for it, but whatever, it was hands down my weekly favourite, and honestly, one of the best weddings I've been to in ages! 

First of all it was in a marquee in their back garden. It was shabby chic meets boho meets the 1970's. The bride wore an off the shoulder lace gown and she and all the bridesmaids had flower crowns in their hair. We were serving behind a giant wooden pallet with hardly any space to squeeze past each other and lots of oops sorry moments. The crowd were some serious drinkers so we were busy all night long, and everyone was just so bloomin' nice! The wedding cake was a massive chunk of chocolate deliciousness, the DJ was bloody brilliant and the dance-floor was full from him opening to the final dance at midnight, just as we all started turning into pumpkins. 

I spent the whole night smiling, laughing, singing, and dancing. It was brilliant and felt like a proper night out, even though I had been working since 9am that day so effectively was at work for 15 hours, yowser! But when the DJ is spinning all the cheesy songs and you're dancing and serving drinks all at the same time, it's simply a grand night out. 

And this song has been stuck in my head ever since, so here it is for your daily ear worm too. Arms in the air and all together now, REACH for the stars...

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