Monday, 8 August 2016

Round Our Way: Wynyard Gardens

A couple of weeks ago when Dave was on holiday we headed to Wynyard Gardens to see what all the fuss was about. My Ma had been first on her own, then took my Pops back as she loved it so much, and there was all kinds of talk about how good the cakes were and how nice the gardens are (notice the cake reference came first...always), and we do love a wander round some gardens, so off we went. It was a Monday morning, and man was it a civilised way to spend a few hours at the beginning of the week! 

The majority of the gardens are contained within a walled garden, though you can head out into the grounds a little bit where they host weddings and events. The walkways are very people friendly, and definitely buggy and wheelchair appropriate, so open to all! There are roses and blooms of all colours, and water features, and lots of seating areas where you can take a pew and take in the sights and sounds. We waited patiently until some people moved on so that we could nab the bench right opposite the main waterfall features at the back of the garden and it was so peaceful, pretty much could have fallen asleep right there and then. 

Having heard so many good things about the cakes it would have been rude not to go and check them out so we finally dragged ourselves away from the bench and headed to the cafe. 

It is of course in a tip top location and you look out right across the gardens. It was warm enough for us to sit outside so we nabbed yet another prime spot and sat down to enjoy the delicious treats. I had the fruit scone with cream and jam which was indeedy very delicious, and Dave had the English garden cake which was pretty good too. My coffee was a little bit too much froth and not enough coffee but it wasn't that big a deal when you had this view to gaze upon:

We would probably have lingered there for a while just soaking it all in, but along the way from us was a group of women who NEVER STOPPED TALKING about all the films they had seen and programmes they had recorded and which Nicolas Cage movie was the best and it was all a bit much for early on a Monday so we wandered around the grounds for a while longer, which was definitely the best (and quieter option).

All in all, it truly was a lovely way to while away a couple of hours. We paid £5.50 each to get into the gardens and as we wandered around decided it would be worth paying the £15 for an annual ticket so that we can go again as the seasons change. You can visit 8 times on the annual ticket which is a pretty good saving! 

I would highly recommend a visit if you're in the area as the gardens are really rather delightful. If you just want to go and try out the scone, you can go into the cafe without having to pay to go into the gardens, and if you sit outside you would still see the gardens...up to you really, both are equally lovely. 

For more details the website is here

I'm already looking forward to going back as Summer winds down to see how it looks in Autumn. I have this idea that it will be just warm enough to sit outside bundled up in a jumper with a steaming bowl of soup in front of me. And then maybe in the Winter a delicious hot chocolate as you gaze upon the fairy-lit garden...(sidenote: that is pure dreaming on my behalf and I have no actual information that there will be fairy lights...but I am ever hopeful). 

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