Monday, 3 October 2016

October bulletin

Hello, hello, how you doing? Have you done that whole WOAH how can it be October already and why have the shops got Christmas things in? I thought I'd stop by and do a quick life update/catch up thingy so that we can erm, catch up. Yep. Original eh? 

Let's see. Oh yep, I totally got peer-pressured into adding Twitter to my many social media options. 'How can you be doing social media for work and not have Twitter?' ... 'Why don't you join Twitter and then you can like and retweet all the daft stuff that makes you laugh when it pops up in your work feed?' ... 'GET TWITTER!' ... so I did. I have to hold my hand up in all honesty and say that I'm still really finding my feet in the Twitterati (totally stole that from a work colleague) but I do like the throwaway kind of feel to it - seriously it updates so quickly I don't know how anyone has any impact whatsoever, it's sheer fluke if anyone sees something you've tweeted! So I'm there, I think I've done about 4 tweets so far, bear with me while I find my feet. If you're so inclined you can follow me there @clairejenno24 ... I feel like it might be the platform where I curse a lot more. 

Speaking of cursing, oh my god, I have totally turned even more potty-mouthed than I ever was! The reason for this is stupid drivers. Seriously. On my journey to work there are an average of at least 4 stupid decisions that are nearly always near-misses and have me cringing behind the wheel. From my superior seat of absolutely being a brilliant driver (everyone believes they are the best driver ever - truth) I spend a lot of time yelling expletives at said stupid decision makers. Other drivers may perhaps be more fearful of the mad redhead waving her arms and clearly shouting at herself...this is something I need to work on I think... 

Work is ace. Like proper ace. I think I'm entering my 6th week and I've basically been buzzing on how happy it makes me every day. Yes there are totally frustrations and I'm not foolish enough to think my work buzz will last forever but while it's there I'm totally embracing it! Also, can we just repeat again that someone pays me to be on the internet ALL DAY LONG. I mean, it's BRILLIANT! 

This weekend I've made a couple of purchases for my seasonal capsule wardrobe. Give me a shout out in the comments if you'd like to see them. I'm considering a week of my wardrobe photos but with organising everything else on a morning I'm not sure I could pull it off. I'll do my best, stay tuned later in the month. 

I saw Bridget Jones and her baby or whatever it's called and loved it. I laughed out loud, ate cookies and cream ice cream with hot butterscotch sauce, and thoroughly enjoyed my Sunday afternoon cinema trip! What's next? I do fancy that new Woody Allan one...

I think I might be addicted to cake. And I work with someone who is a big cake enabler. This is not going to end well...

Dave and I have loads of exciting things planned for the house and I can't wait to get started on them all! Now we have our new snazzy camera I'm going to try and take some proper before and after. First up is the little bedroom that we are going to turn into a proper dressing room. Yassssssss! 

And finally, I am proud to say that I Walked All Over Cancer for the whole of September. Clocking up at least 10,000 steps every day I did a total of 300,000 steps! Many lovely people sponsored me and for this I am very grateful as I raised £100 for Cancer Research UK. It's possible that someone has kidnapped my mind but I have signed up for pre-registration to do a Colour Run in 2017. Yes that does read 'run'. Refer to the above sentence about cake and repeat after me, this is not going to end well...

See you Friday!    

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