Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Clearing out/coming in - let's get appy!

Now that time has become fleeting once again, and weekends are filled with trying to play catch up with boring house jobs and/or sleeping, I decided it was time to get rid of a few things that were not really working out for me. 

Outward bound! (not the camping/hiking sort, just to make that clear)

First up is GoodReads. Well now it's good-gone as I've got rid of it. For the second year running I set myself the task of trying to read 50 books in a year. Also for the second year running I was set to fail. Which you know, whatever, but to be honest I wasn't getting a whole lot of joy from adding my current book to my bookshelf, updating when I was finished, finding the next title...too much and frankly, not enough enjoyment. I've deleted my account and removed the app - GONE! 

Next up is Pinterest. I feel like this one might possibly blow some minds (looking at you, Fizz!) but I can honestly say in the last 2-3 months I've barely looked at it, I don't have time to use the recipe books I have on my shelves much less the hundreds of recipes and cake bakes I had saved in there. It was the obvious choice to be next for the chop. And it's gone! I'm a little sad to say goodbye to my 'Awesome of Hair' board as that was truly filled with stunning hair, but surely that's what Google images is for...? GONE! 

Saved from the chop! 

I briefly considered getting rid of Snapchat as again, I've hardly looked at it, but the ridiculous filters do make me laugh, and my old library buddy uses it to tell me when I have a reservation to collect (libraryland peeps - you totally need to get on board with this idea, just sayin') so that one was saved at the last minute. For the sake of the books you understand. 

Inward bound! 

I'm slowly but surely sorting through my clothes and recently added Depop to my list of apps to try and sell some of them. The other giant selling platform that shall not be named is all kinds of awkward these days and this one seems to mainly focus on clothes and accessories so could be a winner. I've yet to brave it to sell something but will keep you posted. 

Finally, I totally let myself be peer pressured into getting Twitter for myself rather than just work. So far so LOVING it. I've shamelessly fan-girl-ed at least twice when big time Bloggers and YouTubers have responded to a tweet - WHAT?! (yes I am 12). If you want to join me I'm on there as @clairejenno24 I considered sharing a blog post and tagging in a big brand just to see what happened...but I'm pretty sure that my 9 unique page views per post might not be exactly what they're looking for when they send free stuff out for review...

Over and out. 

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