Sunday, 23 October 2016

Winning at Weekends

My internet friend Pop Culture Librarian recently did this awesome post all about days off and her most favourite way to spend them, and then she threw down the gauntlet and challenged us readers to do our own, so here is mine which we shall call winning at weekends. 

The ingredients to my weekends are very different depending on what is going down at that time or how much the week before has kicked my arse at work, but this particular weekend we are still in? Pretty much totally awesome, just sayin'. It started on Thursday - I know! You'd think I was a student all over again or something starting out my weekend still in the week! So Thursday. Off we popped, after work, for some tasty dinner followed by all the pretty liiiiiiights at a new exhibition in town called Neon and That. First up I love pretty lights, any colour, any shape, but when they're made using sea-glass found on the beach and are shaped and bent into all sorts of weird and wonderful creations? I'm there, with all the bells on. LOVED IT!

Next up, Friday! Not just any ordinary day at work but the first outing for our official team lunch #digitaldinner It was all kinds of fun getting to chit the chat with my new work buddies over some deeelicious food at The Chairman pub, yet another glorious eaterie on the fab little Bedford Street in town. We mooched on back to work, put in a couple more hours, before most of us packed up for the weekend at 4pm. Yassssss! 

Saturday! First up was brunch with our theatre besties Ruth and Norman. These brunches have become the stuff of legend - we've plotted and planned and even found some inspiration for our set building as we spend at least 4 million hours eating all the food and putting the world to rights. This was yet another great one as we came up with all sorts of plans for our next set and cackled our way through ideas of how to lose all the grumpy people and make this next production FUN all the way...

...forget the couple of hours where I had to go to the supermarket on a Saturday and battle with all the screaming kids and grumpy parents and Dave watched his footie team get beaten yet again...

...Saturday continued! In the evening I had the exciting plans of going to eat dinner, drink wine, and stay over at D's house - a sleepover! With crappy films, all the wine, eating M&Ms until we felt sick, and just before bed caking ourselves in face masks and all the lotions and potions for a truly rockin' Saturday night! I haven't had a sleepover in like forever so it was all kinds of good (and weird!) to be away from my boys. 

And now it's Sunday. I headed into town for a bit of shopping which turned out to be an excellent decision as I found my new Winter coat with 30% off and some stonkingly good boots that will see me through the upcoming season of cold. Check out my fuzzy hood - so snuggly!

The rest of the day will sadly be spent catching up on the ironing before cosying down for the night to watch episode 2 of Tutankhamun, but I really don't mind cos it's been such a fab weekend! 

So there you have it. The ideal recipe for a great weekend - quality time with my boys, catching up with friends, food, wine, M&Ms, shopping - all the best ingredients for the happiest of times. Roll on the next one! 

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