Monday, 31 October 2016

The weird and wonderful world of Facebook

Being the social media person in both my job and for my theatre group has led me to some strange and wonderful places on Facebook. Just this last couple of weeks I've added myself as a member to some mum's groups and some Dad's Army fan pages and I've even posted to the Women's Institute page for the North East of England! Completely random though the groups are, it's the strange stuff that goes on inside these groups that has me the most fascinated of all. 

Let's take the mums first. For starters, we all know I'm not a mum and so a lot of the stuff that they talk about means absolutely nothing to me, nor am I very interested at all (just sayin'). They do talk a lot about wine though, which I am totally down with. What I'm not so down with is all the judging, WOAH the judging. Blimey these mums in this group are mean! The biggest judgements from what I can see are over what time your littles go to bed and what is in their packed lunch box for school. Sheesh, I'm glad there are no groups that are just for general adulting as I for one could not cope with someone casting doubt on the snacks I choose for my lunchbox each day. I'm pretty sure that mums in general have all sorts of things that they need to be doing each morning just to get everyone up and dressed and looking reasonable to face the general public - let's go a little bit easier on them when they throw a chocolate mini roll into the packed lunch box eh...

Next up is Dad's Army. I'm pretty new to these groups but first of all, can we just say over 13,000 followers?! WHAT? This comedy classic from back in the day seems to have a special place in a lot of people's hearts! The whole reason for joining these groups is to let them know about our upcoming play, but actually now that I'm in it, I'm all over the fan-boy-ing that seems to be going on as I am a complete and utter fan-girl and so once again, totally down with that. 

There has also been some pretty hideous viewings on the Face thing this week that were for work and frankly offended my eyes. Obviously I can't go into the details but let's just say that I am perhaps a little too innocent for that side of Facebook, and I remain mortally horrified that such things/pages/posts are being shared in the first place, much less being commented on by people who clearly do not think or share beliefs the same way I do *shudders*

Let's lighten the tone and nod a word of thanks to people who post ridiculous videos of their dogs dressed up as ghosts, or golden retrievers chasing their tails until they fall over, and other such things that fill me with all the fuzzy feels and all the chuckling, and which help to make me feel slightly better about it all. 

Weird, wonderful, it is what it is. And seeing as though it's a rather large part of my job...well, there is a certain fondness there...

Or you can take the attitude of a colleague of mine, and I quote: "I hate Facebook today even more than I did yesterday" 

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