Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Imagination vs Reality

So here's the thing. I needed to buy a new coat for Winter, it's on its way, it can no longer be denied, the clocks will be going back soon and everything. In my head I had this idea of me rocking one of those beautiful wool coats in that camel/tan shade with a belt round the middle being all kinds of chic and stylish like as if I was Parisian or something. You get the idea. 

The thing is when I tried one on I looked like I was wearing a sack of potatoes, with a belt round it. I don't actually own anything that is on the brown/tan/neutral spectrum except for accessories, and this is because it really isn't my colour at all. Nope. Not gonna happen. Back to the drawing board. 

This beautiful grey, military style, 3/4 length coat caught my eye next. Even though the price made me gulp a bit I decided to try it on as the shop had a 30% off weekend (woop!). I put it on and it felt AMAZING - so soft, so dreamy, so chic, so...grown up! I swished and swirled and admired myself in the mirror for about 30 seconds before I took a second look. Yes that coat was beautiful and oh so chic, the person in the coat however? Not so much. My jeans are cropped and mottled and my boots are scuffed and scruffy, the hair the usual mop of madness and I was wearing a battered sweatshirt type top - the two just don't compute. The type of person who needs to wear that dreamy coat is someone in expensive designer jeans, wearing delicate ballet pumps that may or may not be Chanel, with tidy hair that is shiny and silky. I think I still have some growing up to do before I can feel that I belong in a coat like that. 

But don't be sad! Just around the corner I found the one, the coat that is absolutely 100% me. It's still soft and smart and a beautiful dove grey colour, but it's got a massive furry hood and pockets and plenty of room for tying big scarves and the wearing of bobble hats - much more Claire-like. 

In truth I don't know that I'll ever graduate to that fancy-dancy type coat. You think maybe when I'm 50? Yikes! I'll keep you posted! 

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  1. I'm fast approaching the big 5-oh and there's no sign of fancy-dancy-ness in me yet. I'm thinking if either of us was inclined to be 'neat and tidy' (as my Mother would say) there would be ample evidence by now. I for one intend to embrace the messy vibe that comes with being a natural curly well into my 90s.